About Us

know us

know us
  • our duty is to provide a high quality dental treatment with fast recent innovations without difficulty pain .
  • we respect to high extent our patient's schedule (we have no waiting list) we work with a precise appointment.
  • before starting any treatment we give a wide view to our patient with computer assistance .
  • we are looking forward to satisfy our guests.
  • your children have a special corner where they can do drawings skill stuffs

How we control infection?

How we control infection?
  • we cover any hold-able device or part with (barrier) changed before every patient to prevent delivering microbes from patient to another
  • to assure clean sterile surface we apply sterilizer to every surface before every patient.
  • our instruments are perfectly packed & sealed with special packs to assure sterilization all time.
  • we have a class b autoclave which is the most advanced way for sterilization with high performance + sterilization power assure sterilization to hollowed instruments.
  • we make our floors and surfaces sterile every day.