About Us

  • our duty is to provide a high-quality dental treatment with the latest innovations without any unbearable pain.
  • we respect our patients’ time so we schedule our patients’ appointments, and because of that we don’t have a waiting list.
  • We have a kids’ area for your beloved children so that they could practice their favorite activities.
  • Before starting any dental treatment, we give a wide view to our patient with computer assistance.
  • We stand up for our patients’ satisfaction, we are looking forward to satisfy our guests on the long run.

DentiCare was founded in the first place to create absolutely beautiful smiles.

About the doctor :

Dr. Mina Magdy Azer is a specialist in oral and dental medicine and surgery.

He is one of the best distinguished dentists in the field of dentistry in Egypt.

Dr. Mina Magdy established his clinic in 2012, and it was equipped with the latest technologies and equipment.

Dr. Mina is always keen to provide the highest level of service, so patients from various foreign countries are becoming increasingly popular.
The doctor specializes in various fields, the most important of which is the treatment of dental and oral problems and diseases
Cosmetic dentistry and gums, dental implants, dental and jaw surgery and orthodontics.
Dr. Mina Magdy is the best dentist in the field of oral and dental medicine and surgery.


Make your smile more beautiful with Dr. Mina Magdy Clinic.
Solve all dental problems using the latest international methods and technologies.
Dental implants to replace missing teeth using the best medical methods and in the shortest time without pain.
Cosmetic dentistry is not only limited to cosmetic, but dental health, cleaning and gum health as well, and all of this is done by diagnosing the patient’s condition according to the needs of the case.
We have a special department for pediatric dentistry and treatment of nerve and gum problems.

How we control the spread of infection?

  • We use replaceable cover to cover any device and change it before any patient to prevent spreading the microbes from patient to another.
  • we apply sanitizer the clinic and also the dental tools before every patient.
  • our instruments are perfectly packed and sanitized with special packs to assure sterilization all time.
  • we have a class B autoclave which is the most advanced way for sterilization with high performance in addition to the sterilization power that assure sterilization to hollowed instruments.
  • we sanitize the floors and surfaces every day.
About Us

Our mission is to provide high quality dental treatment with the latest easy, safe, painless and fast methods.

Emergency: 24 hour emergency
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