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Surgical extraction of wisdom teeth.

A wisdom tooth is one of the permanent molars that are located at the end of the jaw, but it can grow in different ways, including:

At an angle toward adjacent teeth.

Straight up, but in fact remains buried inside the jawbone.

When do we resort to extracting a buried wisdom tooth?

-feeling pain

-The growth of a fluid-filled cyst in the area around the molar.

Infection with infection.

-Gum disease.

-Destruction of adjacent teeth.

-Partial caries of the buried wisdom tooth

-Appearance of an abscess or tumor

How is the process of extracting a buried wisdom tooth?

It is done through local anesthesia or complete anesthesia according to the opinion of the doctor and the case

This occurs as an incision is made in the gums and the removal of any bone that prevents access to the root of the molar, after which the tooth is removed and the surgeon re-closes the wound with stitches.
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