Emax Fillings

There are many types of dental implants, each type is made of a specific material, but what is the best?

In Dr. Mina’s clinic, there are Emax implants, as they are one of the best types of fixtures, characterized by

the fact that they are the same color as the teeth, and it is preferable to use them in the front teeth. The glass

structure in the E MAX material gives the teeth vitality that is not found in any other material and helps in

treating dental problems.
Zirconium crowns:

Zirconium has several chemical and physical properties that make it the best in dental implants

Among the most important of these characteristics

– hardness

Ease of design and installation according to the nature of the teeth

Biocompatibility with the bones of the gums and surrounding tissues

Long lasting, scratch and acid resistant
Laser dental filling :

One of the most prevalent methods in recent years is the use of lasers in dental fillings

– Its ability to maintain the aesthetic properties of the teeth as they are

It is considered one of the low cost techniques compared to other fillings and other formulations.

Super effective and ideal in solving the problems of the front teeth and some problems of the back teeth

Its stability, as it is characterized by its chemical bonding with the primary teeth, giving it a kind of stability and strength

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