Hollywood smile

Hollywood Smile :

Many people seek to have a distinctive smile, with Dr. Mina Center you can get the celebrity smile you want with the latest international methods “cosmetic fittings or veneers” by using the latest international technologies Emax, it is made of porcelain, but it has properties that distinguish it from traditional porcelain formulations that make it More powerful and beautiful and the possibility of manufacturing with less thickness. It also helps in solving some obvious dental problems that affect the appearance of the teeth The smile, which is also distinguished in Emax technology, is that it gives a natural appearance, so the doctor must be chosen carefully because the specialized doctor can choose the smile design that is suitable for the shape of the face, and this is done through certain criteria, including: the shape of the face, the size of the nose, the color of the whites of the eyes until the appropriate shape is chosen.

Its purpose is not only to obtain a distinctive smile, but it has several benefits, the most important of which are

  • Improving the shape of the teeth in general
  • Increasing the whiteness of the teeth
Hollywood smile is used in these cases :

-When teeth change color.

-Teeth that have changed color as a result of cosmetic fillings.

-Teeth that are broken.

-Teeth with spaces.

Before :
After :
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