Installation colored dental fillings :

This type of filling is known as cosmetic fillings because it resembles the color of the natural teeth, so it is preferable to use it in the front teeth. It is also used to treat dental problems and improve their function. It also helps in treating the problem of spaces between the teeth and repairing eroded teeth.

Installation of Emax bridges:

Dental bridges are used as an alternative solution to dental implants to replace the place of a tooth or group of teeth, and the installation of dental bridges achieves several purposes, the most important of which are

The ability to chew well and normally

Improving the appearance of the teeth

Protect the remaining teeth from any damage.

There are two types of bridges
1) Fixed bridges :

that are implanted and fixed in the jaw, and they are one of the most stable types and are less prone to long-term problems. Their advantages are:

It preserves the surrounding teeth during the installation of a dental bridge, and does not require the removal of part of the tooth enamel.

It is a long-term and permanent solution for people with missing teeth.

These bridges have a natural shape that fits the rest of the surrounding teeth.

The jaw becomes stronger and more capable of chewing.

 2) movable bridges :

– This method is used to replace and replace the front teeth only.

It can be removed at bedtime, cleaned and sterilized.

These bridges can move out of place or widen, so they cannot take the same position as the teeth in the mouth
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