The goal of orthodontics :

is to gradually move the teeth to get regular teeth, improve the condition of the jaws, make the upper jaw identical to the lower jaw, expand the jaws and return the front teeth to the back.

Do you know what types of calendar?

There are two types of orthodontics
1- The traditional metal calendar, and this type is the most common
2- Transparent braces, which is a transparent template that is designed according to the size of the teeth and cannot be noticed, unlike metal braces.
One of the advantages of orthodontics is also that there is no suitable age for orthodontic installation. A child can start from the age of 12, as it depends on the number of permanent teeth and the extent of jaw growth.
We recommend installing orthodontics by a specialized doctor in the best dental center in Egypt to ensure the best results.

Orthodontic components :

Orthodontics consists of metal pieces that are attached directly and are hollow from the inside, and a metal wire connects all parts of the jaw.
The duration of the calendar varies from person to person, according to
1- age
2- The condition of the teeth and the problem that the orthodontic treats
3- Types of calendar used
4- The distances between the teeth
5- The health condition of the jaws

Some instructions are followed throughout the calendar period, which is under the supervision of the doctor until this period is completed and the problem is resolved.

After removing the calendar to get the best results, a dental retainer is used to keep the teeth in their new position and not move them
There are two types of installers
1- A fixed dental retainer, which is fixed with an adhesive substance and is more effective
2- A movable dental retainer in the form of a metal wire or a plastic mold that can be worn or removed at any time.

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