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From gesr el Suez road: front of shabrawy restaurant you can find a way direct to our clinic just drive in straightway till you find a garden, our clinic is now on your left beside pharmacy called (el refaay)
From Heliopolis:
We are midway between Heliopolis square and mahkama square, when you are heading from Heliopolis to mahkama you will find along your way on the right (rayah, on the run, tikka, NSGB, tedata) beside tedata a way to get in just some meters you will find the clinic in the front of you, besides pharmacy called (el –refaay)
+2 02 22 414 00 9
+2 0122 056 2631
+2 0100 15 19 492
8AM - 9P1 pm till 10 pm everyday
Sunday is our off

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    Our mission is to provide high quality dental treatment with the latest easy, safe, painless and fast methods.

    Emergency: 24 hour emergency
    Call us: 01001519492
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