Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening :

Teeth whitening helps in getting a bright and bright smile.

Teeth whitening is the purpose of re-coloring the teeth and getting rid of any dark spots.

Reasons for changing the color of the teeth?

1- smoking

2- Excessive drinking of tea and coffee

3- Lime buildup

4- Aging

Disadvantages of teeth whitening at home:

1- Weakness of the enamel layer, which causes the proliferation and growth of bacteria that weaken the teeth and cause tooth decay.

2- Eliminate the beneficial bacteria in the mouth because some people resort to using mouthwash as a quick solution to whiten the teeth, but the rinse causes the elimination of the beneficial bacteria

3- The appearance of gum ulcers and those who are sensitive to the teeth used in bleaching.

Before :
After :
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